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November 30, 2021by PeerLandscaping

We’ve worked with all kinds of different people when landscaping their property, and what we learned early on is that not everyone is good at being able to visualize what they want their property to look like. Visualizing what a completed landscaping project will look like is just not an easy thing to do. Even a hand-sketched rendering doesn’t provide an accurate picture of the finished product. That’s why our principal landscape designer, Katie, uses a modern 3D landscape design tool that outweighs the hand-drawn methods of the past. This modern technology allows our professionals at Peer Landscaping to more accurately help you visualize landscaping elements and how they will actually look in your yard and with your home.

Peer Landscaping knows you need to be able to see an accurate representation of your prospective landscape to truly connect and embrace our vision. Our 3D landscaping technology will help you take a virtual walk through your future landscape without any fears or hesitations.

Read on to learn more about how 3D landscaping works and how it will help get your project completed faster and with more accuracy.

What is 3D Landscape Design Technology?

Let’s start by explaining what a rendered landscape design is. Traditionally, a landscape design was composed as a two-dimensional, hand-rendered drawing or a printed document, usually in black and white and shown from either a single-facing viewpoint or an aerial viewpoint. Renderings could be instilled with hues of green for plants, brown or grey for hardscapes, and blue for water features.

Just as it has in all industries, technology has also advanced in the fields of landscaping and home design. Today, we develop three-dimensional landscape designs using professional software. This software allows us to show you a digitally stacked and layered image of your property overlaid with our design features. Even your home’s color will be imprinted so you won’t have to use your imagination to visualize the result.

Our 3D presentation looks like a video taken by a drone that flies above and around your home. Unlike traditional design methods, 3D landscape design can show you multiple angles, plant selections, material selections, daytime to nighttime variations, blooming plants based on season, and back-to-back comparisons. You’ll be able to compare features from any angle of your home: from your front porch, the back door, windows, or any other vantage point you choose.

Is getting a 3D design all that important? Yes, and here’s why the professionals at Peer Landscaping of Southwest Florida think so.

Why Should You Have Your Yard Rendered in 3D?

For many homeowners interested in having professionally landscaped yards, visualizing the completed idea is the hardest part. It’s difficult to imagine hardscapes and plant life in areas that you’re so accustomed to seeing the way it looks now. If you’re struggling to grasp a visual idea of the creative flow of your dream landscape, don’t worry. You’re not alone. That’s why we always provide homeowners with professional landscape design renderings.

With 3D landscape designs, you will be able to see in a fully detailed form how every element of your outdoor space will appear before the project gets underway. There is no way to guarantee satisfaction better than by taking a virtual walk through your dream landscape. The benefits of having a 3D landscape rendered include:

Customization and Changes: You’ll be able to see and change textures, colors and materials like never before with 3D landscaping. How do you know if you’ll like a paved walkway if you only see a couple of stones? With 3D landscaping, choosing elements like pavers is simpler than ever. You’ll never have to worry about wanting to change materials because you can ask for changes faster with 3D landscape rendering. Maybe you are considering a new walkway or a brighter flowering plant but can’t make up your mind? You won’t have to hesitate to ask for changes. Those types of changes are easily made with 3D design technology.

Timely Design: Before the use of 3D landscape design, any and all ideas had to be drawn by hand by a professional landscaper. This was a time-consuming process. A 3D design allows you to see your prospective landscape on the spot. You’ll get all of the visual confirmation instantly, making for a much more efficient process. Additionally, because you can see your landscape design faster, it means we can get our work started sooner. That helps 3D landscape designs get completed significantly faster than hand-rendered landscape designs.

Accuracy: A 2D or hand-drawn landscape design always left homeowners unable to see the physical aspects of their yard up close and some details were subject to the artist’s interpretation. Many owners would be left with questions like “what will it look like at night,” and “what does it look like from the other side.” These questions are a thing of the past with 3D landscape design, as you can visualize your prospective landscape in daylight or with nighttime light features, getting a digital preview of every aspect and variation of your dream landscape. It can even be shown as a street view or your neighbor’s view.

Landscape Design in Southwest Florida

Now that you know about 3D landscape design and its superiority to traditional, hand-rendered designs, what are you waiting for? If you own a home or commercial property in Fort Myers or the surrounding areas in Southwest Florida and you’re looking to redesign your exterior space, consider finding a professional landscaper that works with this 3D technology so you can be sure you’re getting what you want.

Peer Landscaping, your premier landscape design experts of Southwest Florida, proudly offers 3D landscape designs to help you get started. We will be able to show you, in great detail, what your newly landscaped property will look like with our 3D landscape design technology.

We would love to create a specialized design that suits your needs. We want to help you visualize and enhance your yard features such as hardscaping, water features, garden beds, walkways, fire pits, nighttime outdoor light, yearly maintenance and so much more.

If you’re not sure what you want to do with your outdoor space, but you know it needs some updates, just give us a call. We can show you a 3D-designed landscaped space perfect for your property, family, lifestyle or customers. You can contact us at (239) 645-6455 or make a project request online.

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