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February 20, 2022by PeerLandscaping

Why Proper Florida Landscape Installation is Important

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Everyone wants a perfectly landscaped yard that’s fit to be on the cover of a magazine. But of course a designing and installing a gorgeous tropical landscape takes some hard work. At Peer Landscaping, we know not only how to design a gorgeous garden, but also how to install it properly, and believe it or not, that’s one of the hardest parts of landscaping. Read on to learn more about the importance of proper landscape installation and how our pros at Peer Landscaping are equipped to help.

Proper planning is key

The key to a functional and aesthetically pleasing landscape is having a sound plan. There are many factors we consider when designing and installing a landscape. Here are some important things we take into consideration.


1. Mapping out a landscape design according to the sun

Before we ever dig a hole or plant a tree, we begin with a landscape design that’s based on the light and shade in your yard. That’s why before we design anything we will ask you to:

  • Map out sun exposure in your yard
  • Tell us about any current issues (weeds, pests, patchy grass, poor drainage, etc)
  • Tell us where you want your walkways
  • Identify features you want to highlight

If you can’t envision your home landscaped in your head, you may find it impossible to realize the completed goal. But we will create a 3D design using a photo of your house that will allow you to see exactly what your yard will look like when we are done.

2. How much do you know about plants and how much work are you willing to put in on a regular basis?

If you’ve seen one tropical yard, you’ve seen them all. Plant some pretty, green palms, and slap some brightly colored flowers down under them. That’s all it takes, right? Wrong. Choosing and planting your flora isn’t all that simple. Florida has a subtropical climate and is located on a peninsula. Hot temperatures, tropical winds, and heavy rain fluctuations make Florida home to some of the most protected plant life in the United States. Additionally, Florida is home to some of the most noxious invasive species in the United States. There are laws about invasive species because they can bring pests and disease to Florida’s natural ecosystem (and your home). We will design your landscape according to how much gardening you want to do on a regular basis. Do you just want to turn on the irrigation system twice a week and let the garden be? That’s totally fine. We have a garden service that will help maintain that garden by providing pruning and garden clean up several times a year.

Other things we will need to consider when choosing and installing plants in your landscape include:

  • Soil quality
  • Irrigation
  • Sun exposure
  • Wind exposure
  • Size and shape at maturity
  • Depth required when planting
  • Colors of blooms

We know how to account for your yard’s unique features when creating a landscape design you’ll love.

3. Do you have a timeline?

If you need to have your yard fully landscaped by a certain date, you’ll have to keep that in mind. We will let you know how long each portion of your landscape installation will feasibly take, but just know that we do it fairly quickly so you’ll know the job will done on schedule.

4. Have you made a budget?

A budget is where most people start. They begin with an amount they want to spend on the project, then try to find ways to landscape that fits into that budget. For someone without experience, though, landscaping costs can add up in a hurry. If you have a clear budget, that’s great. If you don’t, you’ll need to consider one and find ways to make your plans fit within the parameters. A landscaping company can help you create a design that offers no financial surprises.

Professional landscape installation

In truth, landscape installation is not a do-it-yourself project. This is especially true if you’ve moved to Florida from a Northern climate. You may love certain plants you had up North, but they may not do well here. Unfortunately, the big box stores will carry plants, like hydrangeas and other delicate plants that don’t do will in our harsh tropical climate. At Peer Landscaping, we are born and bred Floridians who have been working with tropical plants our whole lives, so when you hire us it takes all the guesswork out of the landscaping and reduces the risk of encountering serious problems resulting from improperly installed landscaping elements. Installation involves planting the right plants in the right locations according to how much sun they want. It also involves planting them to the right depth in the right kind of soil. We’ve actually been to some people’s houses and discovered they’ve made simple mistakes, like planting an avocado tree too deeply, so that it doesn’t thrive or give fruit. Or planting a shade loving bromeliad in direct sun (some varieties love the sun, but some don’t, and we know the difference.)

Maintaining improperly installed landscapes

Properly installed landscapes will need maintenance. There’s just no way around it. However, if your landscape wasn’t properly installed, you can end up having to exert twice the effort for half the results. If you are constantly treating patchy areas or replanting flowers, that takes up a lot of your time. Improperly placed flower beds may need constant watering. If you are seeing these kinds of issues in your yard, don’t hesitate to call us. We can let you know what is causing the problems and design a landscape that works for you.

Financial consequences of improperly installed landscapes

If you are nervous about having to pay for professional landscape installation, then you should consider that improperly installed landscapes could cost you more in the long run.

If you choose the wrong types of plant life or plant them in the wrong areas, you may as well be throwing your money into the ground. Improperly chosen plant life and placements can lead to replacement costs for the shriveled or flooded plants you just installed. Financially, the costs associated with replacing plants are the least of your concerns, though. Improperly installed landscapes could end up causing flooding or droughts in your yard. Worse, you could even end up with structural damage to your home if you plant trees that have large roots too close to the foundation.

Why risk injury, added expenses, pest control, invasive plant diseases, and added work? Whether you’re starting fresh on a never landscaped space or your property has been the victim of a bad landscape installation, you can trust Peer Landscaping. Make your life easier by contacting Peer Landscaping to design and install a gorgeous landscape.

We can solve your yard woes if you live in Fort Myers and the surrounding area of Southwest Florida. Contact us at (239) 645-6455 or reach us online for a consultation. We look forward to helping you achieve the yard of your dreams! 

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