A Tailor-Made Landscape Design for Your Newly Built Custom Home - PEER LANDSCAPING, Custom Design & Install, Fort Myers, FL

February 29, 2024by PeerLandscaping

We’ve been seeing so many new homes being built in the past year here in Southwest Florida. In fact, Lee County, FL issued more new construction permits than any other county in the state in 2023. Having a new home built for you is so exhilarating and custom homes deserve a landscape tailored to their design. You paid meticulous attention to detail to make sure your new custom home was a good investment. The final result transcends being just a home; it’s a true reflection of you and your family. The same planning and precision should be taken into account when it comes to your landscaping. After all, it’s an integral part of your home’s curb appeal.


We know you want to ensure that the costs you put into the home have a positive effect on the value of the home, regardless of whether you plan to sell it in two years or pass this very personalized home on to your children. Landscaping has been shown repeatedly to have a high return on investment. Your landscape, particularly the landscaping in the front of your home, is a potential buyer’s first impression of that home. A property with gorgeous landscaping is sure to get more looks, and consequently, more offers. In fact, a well-executed design has the potential to improve the home’s resale value by up to 28%!


When you consider that resale value percentage, how much of your new home investment should be put toward landscaping? A general rule of thumb is to plan on investing about 10% of the cost of your home on landscaping. For example, if your home costs $200,000, budgeting around $20,000 for landscaping would be advisable. 


You’ve invested in having a home built that reflects your own personal taste and style, so it’s only natural to desire that your landscape reflects the same qualities .We will be sure to craft a design that complements your home’s personality and highlights the finest attributes of the home. The result? It will take on a life of its own in your neighborhood.


Your front yard landscaping can either enhance or detract from the beautiful architecture of your custom home. It can be as simple as strategically placing the right shrubs and flowers to draw attention to particular architectural features such as a majestic front door or soaring porch columns. At Peer Landscaping, our designers carefully evaluate the architectural style of the home, what materials were used, and what exterior colors were chosen to create a seamless transition between your front yard landscaping, the home’s interior design, and the practical ways you will use your backyard. 


As natives of Southwest Florida, we have a deep understanding of our native palms and plants that thrive in Zone 10B, including their growth patterns. We will help you choose the proper foliage to complement the colors used on your home, as well as choosing the exact placement that will have them grow well, without compromising your home’s foundation or sidewalks. Every detail of your front yard landscape design makes an impact on your home’s curb appeal, so we make all of them count! 


High-quality landscaping goes beyond aesthetics and curb appeal—it must also include practicalities in terms of being functional. Our team stays up-to-date about city bylaws and grading regulations, helping you avoid potential drainage complications. Our design and build process takes issues such as drainage and water flow direction in your yard into account, which is essential for protecting you and your neighbors from flooding and foundation problems in the future. We look to ensure the longevity of your property and home.