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October 6, 2023by PeerLandscaping

florida pool designWe have the perfect climate in Southwest Florida to have a pool in the backyard to take advantage of sunny days. Whether you want to install a pool to beat the heat, as the ideal hangout for your kids, or as a way to swim to stay healthy, it’s an exciting undertaking for any homeowner. We started designing pools at customer’s requests, because so many people asked. It was a natural progression to design them as part of the overall landscaping plans for our customer’s outdoor living spaces. It’s a wonderful thing when everything is designed together for a cohesive look to your backyard. The professional landscaping we provide around the pool or pool cage elevates the space and creates a visually appealing environment that will just call you to be outside relaxing in your own resort-style oasis.


Why you want Peer Landscaping to design your pool

The connection between designing a landscape and designing a pool may not be immediately obvious. But consider that being able to design the entire backyard as a whole, allows for you to pick and choose everything about your outdoor living space at once. You won’t have to compromise your landscaping for a pool shape you didn’t love, or compromise your pool size and shape for the trees and bushes already planted in the yard. We will design the pool and the landscaping to be in harmony, providing you with a wonderful space to entertain friends or just relax with family.

How did we happen to start designing pools? After Hurricane Ian, many people in SWFL lost all their landscaping, trees came down, and bushes and plants were washed away in the flood, and pool cages crumpled in on themselves. So when our people came to us, many wanted to start over from scratch, and requested that we design the pool as well as the landscaping. And that just made sense, because everyone was having so much work done on their home and property, that the timing of when certain projects needed to be worked out in advance. In terms of building a pool and doing the landscaping, we have that handled well.


Hire Professionals

While this might seem like an obvious tip from a landscaping professional, a pool landscaping project in our area can be complex and bringing in an experienced partner who knows this Zone 10 region can be very advantageous.

We have clients who have pools and enclosures of all types and sizes, and it’s our mission to help your vision become a reality. With a deep knowledge of the local climate and today’s landscaping style trends, we can ensure your space is unique and fits your needs.


Our landscape and install company has been serving the landscaping needs of people in Lee County and all of Southwest Florida for years. We offer design, installation, and maintenance of landscaping systems, and we have a great deal of experience performing landscaping for all types of properties.

The first, and likely most important, thing to consider when we are planning your landscaping design, is the protection of your pool’s elements. We will be sure to select plants, shrubs and trees which do not have invasive root systems which can become intertwined with pool pumps, creep up through the pool deck or otherwise disturb the elements of the pool.


We always try to help people select the look and type of plants they are most interested in for their spaces, but one tip we often must employ is to understand the growth range of the desired plants. Many plants, shrubs and trees might start out small but can eventually overtake or overshadow other elements of the space, which can be harmful in the long run for the area as a whole. We will be sure to select a system of plants which can all work together to thrive.


Your pool is going to require a lot of maintenance, it would be ideal if your landscaping didn’t, too. While our team offers routine landscape maintenance and we are always happy to take on the role of maintaining any space we design, for those people who seek to do their own maintenance, we will help select low maintenance plants for their pool design to keep their pruning, fertilizing and other tasks to a minimum.


In addition to selecting plants and flowers which won’t require much maintenance to stay alive, we will also pick flora which does not often shed its leaves or flowers. Cleaning the pool regularly is one thing, but spending hours every day scooping out leaves isn’t something people want on their to do list.


Being Mindful of the Pool Cage Climate

Almost every pool you find in our local area features a screened-in cage known as a lanai, which serves as a barrier for insects and other pests which are local to the area.  Caged pools make sense for those of us living in the Sunshine State because they keep insects, pests and even alligators out of the area and allow you to enjoy your outdoor space any time of year.

These lanai cages are essential for comfort in your pool area, but they also present unique challenges from a landscaping and outdoor maintenance perspective. Pool cages create a greenhouse effect or microclimate, so it’s important to choose plants which can thrive in higher temperatures and in high levels of humidity.


The cage can hold in moisture and heat, especially when the water is warmer in the hotter months and/or when you have a hot tub. We always stay mindful of this microclimate when helping you plan your landscaping around an enclosed pool.


By choosing the correct landscaping materials and layout, we can help you take advantage of this natural microclimate and ensure your space does not become too hot, cool, dry or wet. At Peer Landscaping, we evaluate the characteristics of your space to ensure thecorrect landscaping materials are used.


We Love Native Plants and Trees

We know that a lot of the residents in this area of Florida are from Northern climates and may not know which trees and plants thrive in our hot humid environment. Sometimes they make the mistake of wanting imported trees, grass and/or shrubs from other areas to give their pool landscaping a unique look. While there is nothing wrong with creating your own feel, you need to be mindful to select plants which will thrive in your pool area. Not only should you be mindful of the increased humidity we discussed before, but our area features sandy soil, so plants should have the ability to thrive in our unique environment.


Our landscape professionals have grown up in Southwest Florida and know the right plants planted in the right environment take less maintenance and look healthier, thriving over the long term. We pride ourselves in knowing which plants love the microclimate inside a pool cage and will help you choose the ones that look gorgeous and add to the relaxing atmosphere of your outdoor living space.