How We Work Hardscaping Into Your Landscape Design - PEER LANDSCAPING, Custom Design & Install, Fort Myers, FL

April 10, 2024by PeerLandscaping

At Peer Landscaping, we know you want your outdoor space to be both functional and beautiful. It’s why we are one of the premier landcape companies in Southwest Florida. We understand that landscaping is so much more than some pretty plants and shrubs, it’s about how you view and use your yard. That’s why it’s so important to think about every element that gets installed from trees to water features. Landscape design and hardscapes play pivotal roles together in the flow of your outdoor space. When we consider both of these important elements in our designs, we can be sure they will combine harmoniously to create a gorgeous outdoor space you’ll want to spend all your time in.

Let’s start by defining what a hardscape is. In landscape design, hardscape refers to any non-plant structure that contributes to the solidity and functionality of an outdoor area. If you think of plant life as adding softness and life to your yard, then hardscapes add structure and form to it. From driveways to patios, fountains to fire pits, and walkways, hardscape features are essential components that shape your landscape’s character and usability. Hardscapes also include such man-made structures as patios, decks, pergolas, and fences, as all of these serve specific purposes within your landscape.

Creating your ideal front yard and back yard  involves a design using a variety of elements, each adding its own flavor to the overall feel of your yard. The selection of hardscape elements plays a crucial role in defining not just the look of your yard, but also the functionality of the environment. Whether it’s creating pathways that guide visitors through a garden oasis or establishing a cozy gathering spot around a fire pit, every decision contributes to the harmonious mix of form and function.

Here’s what we mean by that. Where walkways or paver stones are placed guides where your visitors will walk. Retention walls help level off uneven parts of your yard or can help with drainage. Fire pits create wonderful spots to hang out on cooler winter nights here in Florida. Water fountains provide both visual beauty and lovely sound ambience for peaceful meditation and reflection. All hardscapes extend your living area past your home and lanai to encourage you to spend more time outdoors in your yard. 

When we are creating a landscape and hardscape design we aim to have the harscaping complement and enhance your landscape rather than overshadow it. It’s about finding the balance between the elements to create a space that invites you to spend time and enjoy it. So the key is to have the hardscape elements enhance the organic ones. Pathways that have tiny colorful flowers along both sides. Berms and water retention ponds that have beautiful plants growing in them. Fire pits that have lemon grass and citronella growing behind the chairs to keep the night insects at bay.

While planning and choosing the materials we use for your hardscape, we think about how they will impace the flow, look and even efficiency of your landscape. For example, materials like rock, stone, and concrete absorb heat from the sun, and as such they can help dry out the soil around it. And important function for our extremely wet summers here in Florida. This prevents standing water, mildew and algae and unwanted pests. Fences and where their gates are placed adds to the protection and privacy of your home. These section off areas of your yard for different purposes and most importantly they often define your property line.

Our hardscaping will always feel like it has a purpose, whether that’s to draw the viewers gaze or to match the look of your yard to your home in some way. We promise that you’ll be thrilled with the tropical oasis we create using both landscape elements and hardscape elements.