Landscape Design for Specialty Income Producing Properties - PEER LANDSCAPING, Custom Design & Install, Fort Myers, FL

December 26, 2023by PeerLandscaping

Everyone wants their home and property to be uniquely a representation of them. While the notion of custom landscape design may be commonly associated with residential properties,  income-generating properties such as short-term rentals like AirBnB properties, or properties that are used for events or weddings need to be uniquely appealing to draw the attention of new clients regularly.


At Peer Landscaping, we take pride in our reputation here in Southwest Florida as a trusted choice for both our residential clients, and those with specialty income-generating properties. Whether you own an income-generating property or a second home in Fort Myers or the surrounding areas, this article is written with your specific needs in mind.


Airbnbs and Short-Term Rentals

Because there is a constant turnover of short-term rentals when you run an Airbnb, you need to be sure your property offers unique appeal and a resort-like feel. We love to add outside tranquility to these kinds of properties, from soothing fountains to colorful flowering gardens with lovely walking paths through them. These are the additional elements that have guests feel like they want to come back to your property over and over again creating a booking feature for your property that others won’t have.


Investment and Commercial Properties

Whether you own a small apartment or office building, or you are flipping homes on a regular basis, we know your end goal is the maximum return on your investment. Here is where the curb appeal of gorgeous greenery, or towering palms can add to your bottom line. We love designing entryways to office and apartment complexes that pop with color and dramatic flair in such a way as to grab people’s attention as they drive by, encouraging them to stop and consider your property for rental or purchase.


Wedding Venues

Anyone who is getting married wants their wedding to be a memory to last a lifetime for themselves, and their guests, so the venue where it is held must be something they fall in love with at first sight. These venues must be set up with special areas for photos, and we love creating this! From a gorgeous pergola or gazebo covered in colorfully blooming bougainvilla to a row of perfectly lit Royal Palms, these are the fine details that make for stunning photo shoots with the bride and groom. Our landscape design team will have your wedding venue stand out and stay booked.


Snow Birds

As a snowbird with multiple residences, you don’t want to come to your second home here in Southwest Florida to find that your yard looks a mess. Our designers are well-practiced in choosing plants that make your property look beautiful all year round with minimal maintenance. We know that you won’t be here during our hot summer months, so we pick those palm trees, bromeliads and bushes that do well with a lot of rain, as well as the dryer conditions we experience in the winter months. This ensures you come home to a lush green landscape with pops of color and little maintenance for you to do.


If you own a specialty property like the ones mentioned above and you need a landscaping partner to design the perfect landscape for the property and maximize your return on investment, we would love to help.