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January 31, 2024by PeerLandscaping

Landscape designers used to rely on conceptual sketches to puzzle out where each element would be planted or built when installation day came. Creating with pen and paper, they would show homeowners a map of their property with everything drawn in. At Peer Landscaping, we switched to using 3D photo and video renderings years ago and our clients love it. They no longer have to try to visualize what their property will look when everything is complete. With our 3D video renderings, we can show you the end design with a realistic rendering of your home and property with every landscaping element included, and you can look at it from all different angles. The dynamic view adds depth and dimension to landscape features, showcasing the colors and textures and how it all connects. They make it easier to visualize how you will use your new space, and easier to make suggestions for revisions.

What is 3D Landscape Design?

The 3D Landscape Design we do at Peer Landscaping is a cutting-edge approach not all designers use. We leverage digital technology to create a very precise, detailed blueprint of your property. We create a lifelike model of your house (No, it does not get scanned in, we have to recreate it by hand!), and then use accurately scaled elements like plants, trees, flowerbeds, pathways, pools and water features with every detail accounted for. And you will be able to see how every element works together and fits seamlessly into your property.

Here’s a list of what may be included:

  • Trees, plants, flower beds, and islands
  • Lanais and fences
  • Sidewalks and Pathways
  • Water features, such as fishponds, fountains, and waterfalls
  • Driveways, decks, paver patios
  • Jacuzzis, hot tubs, and pools
  • Outdoor kitchens, firepits, and fireplaces
  • Seating areas
  • Shelters, such as gazebos and pergolas
  • Storage structures, such as sheds and garages

We always create our design ideas along with you and your vision for your property. The most exciting thing about our 3D design videos is how the immersive experience allows you and our installers to visualize the changes we are proposing. It makes it easy to change anything you’d like before construction and installation begins.

This 3D design video lets you see how each feature will appear in connection with others, this way you and our designers can re-think ideas before they become a reality, and this ensures that our designer and our installers fully understand your visions. Essentially, you can conveniently preview our landscaping ideas, and see how your vision really looks.

One of the exciting things about our 3D design is that it is a great cost-saving strategy for you long term. Being able to visually see exactly how your property will look from every angle, including from overhead (the view is like seeing it through drone footage!), you can avoid unnecessary expenses related to seeing a finished installation that does not match your original ideas, and now needs modifications. You can even see how your property looks at night! 3D design ensures that the final project looks just like you imagined it in your head! It’s a valuable investment, because it also ensures our installers can see exactly what you want as well. This ensures that the final look of your yard aligns with everything you dreamed of providing you with overall satisfaction.

3D Design Video Advantages

When we invested in the software to be able to provide our clients with 3D design videos of their newly designed property it was a game changer. The ability for our clients to be able to visualize their outdoor space before the construction and installation phase begins has been a powerful tool. Let’s delve into the advantages offered by 3D landscape design:

1. View Our Design from Different Perspectives
No longer confined to a static, two-dimensional representation on paper, professional 3D design models, crafted using cutting-edge software, provide an immersive experience. You will be able to see your home’s exterior from various angles—gates, different windows, even your neighbor’s property. Many of our clients marvel at the aerial view our software provides of their yard, because it allows them to gain a comprehensive understanding of their new landscaping designs from every possible vantage point. This multidimensional view allows you to assess how different elements enhance or obscure specific views, ensuring a well-balanced and beautiful outdoor space.

2. Understand the Diverse Colors and Textures of Your New Design
3D designs offer a comprehensive perspective on the entirety of your outdoor space. You can gain a clear view of our proposed colors for paving tiles, flowers, and plants, allowing you to see how they harmonize together to align with your vision. Our 3D design moves beyond having you look at mere samples, because it permits you to see how the chosen materials integrate into the overall design. The video also lets you study the diverse textures within our landscaping designs, from green privacy screens to poolside plantings, instilling the confidence that we’ve chosen the best options to match your unique vision.

3. See Your Yard in Various Types of Lighting
At Peer Landscaping we know and appreciate how your outdoor space transforms at different times of the day. With our 3D design video, we can show you exactly how your new design stands out both in bright sunshine and under the moonlight. The exciting thing is that we can also show you the effects of any possible new landscape lighting installations, so you can make informed decisions about lighting preferences to enhance the ambiance of your outdoor haven.

4. Enjoy Efficient Revisions
Our 3D design software allows for revisions that are swift and straightforward, so anything you don’t like, we can change it before installation. It is much more time-consuming and difficult to make changes to hand-drawn designs, Whether you want changes to the color of hardscaping or tweaking of the location of trees, our designers can implement those changes seamlessly with a few clicks. The software lets you explore a range of options before finalizing your designs, ensuring they align perfectly with your dreams. Efficient revisions also translate to reduced waiting times, allowing you to revel in the finished landscaping sooner.

5. See Precise Installation
Our installers also love these professional 3D landscaping designs because they offer invaluable assistance during the installation execution. It also provides peace of mind to our clients that our installers will bring their vision to life accurately because they are armed with such specific instructions and a clear picture of the final result.

In conclusion, the benefits of our 3D landscape design video capabilities extend beyond mere visualization—they empower our clients to make informed decisions, minimize potential missteps, and accelerate the transition from design to reality. Give Peer Landscaping a call to see what we can do for your property!