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September 8, 2023by PeerLandscaping

For those residents who have moved here from the North, Southwest Florida’s landscape is like entering a whole new world. Many of our exotic Zone 10 plants will be completely new to you, and we are excited to introduce you to the Sunshine State’s distinctive tropical charm! Especially if you were accustomed to particular Northern plants, some of our flowers and plants will be completely uncharted territory. Because we were born and bred in Florida, Peer Landscaping’s professional expertise can take center stage, because our seasoned team has a deep-rooted understanding of the native plants that grow well here in Fort Myers and its environment. We blend years of experience with cutting-edge 3D technology to craft landscape designs that match your vision. From concept to realization, we’re your all-in-one landscape solution, spanning design, installation, and maintenance.

In this article, we’ll delve into Florida’s classic tropical plants, bushes and trees that thrive in our ecosystem. We’ll also unveil suitable substitutes for the Northern favorites you cherished, so your landscape resonates with the rhythm of Florida, but also provides a reminder of where you come from.


Palm Trees: Pillars of the Tropics

Saying goodbye to the oaks and pines of the North isn’t as daunting a task when Florida offers such gorgeous palm trees as a substitute. After all, no photo of Florida is complete without palm trees. These iconic trees come in tall elegant styles, as well as shorter multi palm groupings and their versatility captures the essence of paradise in your yard. At Peer Landscaping, there is always a demand for palm trees, especially among newcomers hailing from the Northeast. Contrary to the common belief of uniformity, palm trees are a diverse lot, each boasting a unique silhouette, size, and height. This diversity makes them a great asset for any landscape design, giving your yard a tropical ambiance.


Citrus Trees: The Joy of Growing Your Own Food

Up North, the fruit trees typically consist of apples and pears. In Florida, however, the vibrant presence of citrus trees takes center stage. The likes of lemons, limes, grapefruits, and oranges flourish in our hot humid weather, yielding not only delicious smelling blooms but also succulent fruit. Picture the joy of harvesting sun-kissed lemons, oranges, or key limes, from your own backyard! Citrus trees are such a wonderful tropical treat, because they grow so few places.


Gorgeous bougainvillea is a great substitute if you love Northern Azaleas

Bougainvillea: A Riot of Colorful Splendor

It you loved the charm of colorful azaleas when you lived in cooler Northern climates, we can offer you local gems like the bougainvillea, which looks quite similar. Bougainvillea thrive in the salty soil that is characteristic of Fort Myers. Their vibrant, long-lasting flowers, typically painted in shades of pink, red, purple and orange, are quite similar to azaleas, giving your landscape year-round vibrancy.


Hibiscus flowers
Hibiscus flowers add a splash of color to your garden

Hibiscus Shrubs: Bright Blooms Thrive Here

Perennial favorites for Florida landscapes, hibiscus shrubs flower in a wide spectrum of colors for every landscape. These hardy bushes have a knack for thriving in this region’s salty soils, making them essential to many residential and commercial landscape projects. 


Boxwoods: Timeless Tranquility

Boxwoods, famed for their patient growth, gracefully adapt to South Florida’s rhythms. A hallmark of low-maintenance choices, their unhurried expansion ensures pruning remains a leisurely task. In selecting low-maintenance partners, measured growth is pivotal, and boxwoods exemplify this principle. Their sturdy versatility lends them a place in diverse landscaping applications, embodying timelessness.


Agave: Sculptural Elegance

When it comes to tropical plants, Florida has several that have interesting shapes and sizes, and Agave is one of those. These distinctive plants, which bear striking resemblance to their desert-dwelling counterparts, add a touch of the exotic to your garden. They are resilient against drought, and exude a quiet elegance, with their deep green, spikey leaves. In time, their large remarkable flowers emerge from the center of the plant. They look like some kind of exotic sculpture.


Bromeliads: Cascading Splendor

Bromeliads have a similar low-lying profile, and unique tropical look to them. But bromeliads come in a large variety of colors from green to pink, to tiger striped orange, silver, red and more. Some of them look like large flowers growing straight out of the ground. They are a hardy plant that do well during both our rainy and drought seasons here in SWFL. They also have a sculptural feel to them, especially when they’ve sprouted their long-lasting flower from the center of the plant. We love to use them to weave a tapestry of color into your landscape.


Let Us Create Your Tropical Dream

At Peer Landscaping, we understand the importance of creating a gorgeous landscape of low-maintenance flora, due to years of hands-on experience. Our passionate team, equipped with expertise in local plants and flowers will design, install, and maintain the landscape of your dreams. Bromeliads, bougainvillea, and beyond – these are what we use to create Florida oasis you moved here for. Reach out to our seasoned team, and together, we’ll craft a landscape that’s not only visually captivating but a living testament to your personal story. Embrace the allure of Florida’s tropical flora, and embark on a journey where every blossom tells a tale of timeless beauty.

Peer Landscaping, Fort Myers, FL
Peer Landscaping, Fort Myers, FL

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